2020 Judicial Screening Results
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Dear Bar Member:

The Suburban Bar Coalition, comprised of the Northwest Suburban, North Suburban, South Suburban, Southwest Bar, and West Suburban Bar Associations, has investigated and rated the Judges who are up for Retention in the November 3, 2020 election. The Coalition was started in 1987 for the purpose of pooling judicial evaluations on behalf of the millions of suburban Cook County residents. After that, it expanded its jurisdiction to bring Domestic Relations, Probate and Bar dates to the suburban courthouses.

To be retained, a sitting judge must receive a 60% YES vote from those voting on the question: “Shall Judge be Retained?” You may vote on any or all of the judges listed in the section of the ballot. No judge is running against any other judge. The sole question is whether each judge should remain in his or her present office.

The ratings are based on Legal Ability, Temperament, Impartiality, and Integrity. Help us inform voters about the qualifications of these Judges. Go to https://www.nwsba.org/page/SBC2020Results to view the findings of the Suburban Bar Coalition’s Judicial Screening Committee.


Judge Patricia Manila Martin was found “Did Not Participate, Cannot Recommend,” punch ballot #214 to vote “NO”

Judge Mauricio Araujo was found “Did Not Participate, Cannot Recommend,” punch ballot #252 to vote “NO”

Judge Jackie Portman Brown was found “Not Recommended,” punch ballot #265 to vote “NO”

Judge John Mahoney was found “Not Recommended,” punch ballot #316 to vote “NO”

Feel free to download and print the listing when going to the polls to vote.  https://www.nwsba.org/page/SBC2020Results 


Michael Rothmann

Chair, Suburban Bar Coalition


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